If you have just stumbled across this blog, welcome! I am not new to the blogging world, I have another one dedicated to mine and my husband’s travel adventures but as health and fitness have become a real passion of mine, I decided I wanted to write about that too.

Why not use the same blog? Because they will have a different audience. All of my family read my travel blog as they want to keep up with our comings and goings so I tend to write very nicely and avoid all whinging, whining and profanities because, that’s what good girls do. I also share the link via my personal Facebook so anyone I know can (and does) read it. This is going to be a little different as it will not be publicised via Social Media but it will be on the web. It will still be filtered but profanity, crappy photos and poor grammer will be accepted because my health and fitness story and life are not for the faint hearted.

I will write a full post (or 2) about the start of my health and fitness journey but heres the cliff notes – chubby kid becomes obese teen/adult, gets engaged and decides to lose some weight. Fast forward 4 years and she has lost 62kg of body weight, runs and lifts like nobodies business and while she knows she will never become a fitness model because of the shit she did to her body by getting obese, she trains as if she will become one.

What do I want from this blog? To vent! This life can be really hard when you have spent 24 years living differently. I didn’t go on a diet, I changed my god damn life. I will try to be inspiring and will definitely provide tips, tricks and plans I follow but remember 2 things:

1 – I have never used a personal trainer nor have I had any health, fitness or medical training. I am not giving advice to anyone, I am simply sharing my experiences. If you want to start a change like this, I encourage you to do so safely and with professional assistance where necessary

2 – I am just a person. I want to write this because I want people to know the real shit that goes on in this life. Sure, I look prettier but its not all sunshine and roses. I am sick of sugar coating my life to make other people more comfortable so if that’s what you’re after, this may not be for you.

This right here is the real answer to so many peoples questions and accusations around ‘Why do you keep going? You’re skinny now’ and this is why I am writing this blog.

So come along for the ride – you may find something you like!






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